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Temperance Tonics

Temperance Tonics

Temperance Tonics

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Our alcohol-free cocktail kits are the perfect way to bring a bit of magic to your picnics, dinners, or date nights (for one or more!). 

They come with dehydrated fruit slices and edible flowers, as well as a small booklet of instructions, nutrition information, and serving suggestions. 

Just add sparkling water, the included garnishes, and enjoy!

The Toronto Star says Temperance Tonics “could easily pass for real cocktails both in terms of appearance and taste." 

Current cocktails: 

almond orgeat · lemon · mint
A bright lemonade with nutty, floral notes.

hibiscus · rosebud · verjus rouge · blackcurrant
Mild floral and red fruit sweetness, with a dry finish and aroma of roses.

strawberry · roasted chicory · black pepper · vanilla
Lightly sweet, fruity, and woody, with a deeply tart finish.  

lychee shrub · lemongrass · jasmine tea · lemon zest 
Sharp and acidic, balanced by white fruit flavours and strong lemon aromatics

Nutritional information for all of our cocktails 

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