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Made by Moodgie - Based in Montréal, Quebec

Each package of 20 sticks has been created to offer different scent themes inviting the outside inside, to promote a connection between nature and living space.

Driftwood + Sea salt
Driftwood. Sea salt. Lemon tree. Sage. Mousse. Amber.
Feel the mist and salt air mixing with the sweet scents of lemons and sage surrounding you as you admire the power of the waves crashing against the shore. A bewitching fragrance like few others.

Cypress + White pepper
Cypress. White pepper. Siberian pine. Cedar. Cinnamon. Amber.
Pungent, woody and spicy, this fragrance is the perfect fusion between an abundant forest of conifers and the warmth of an exotic spice market.

Eucalyptus + Oakmoss
Eucalyptus. Lavender. Oak moss. Leather. Wet earth. Foliage.
Its fresh and earthy notes remind us of walks in the forest during the spring thaw and inspire renewal.

Tobacco + Spices
Tobacco. Clove. Cedar. Eucalyptus. Lemongrass. Lemon.
Purifying blend of dried tobacco leaves, cedarwood and spices. Say goodbye to bad energy.

Sweet Amber + Vanilla
Sweet Amber. Vanilla. Tonka beans. Lemon. Sandalwood. Musk.
Bewitching, this fragrance with woody, sweet notes releases a meditative atmosphere favouring introspection.

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